To prevent premature death and disability resulting from strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure due to hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia among the uninsured and under insured.

  • the center is in the process of updating our mission statement to more accurately reflect the current needs of the community as well as the increase in services provided at the center.


The Center for Healthy Hearts is a partnership based free clinic currently located in the heart of the City of Richmond.  The Center’s focus is on serving patients with chronic diseases and multiple medication issues living in the Greater Richmond region. The Center was established in 1983 as a free clinic with a mission to educate, empower, and provide superior care.  In 2008 it adopted the current interprofessional model that includes partnerships with faculty and students from VCU.  Historically, the Center has served a population of over 600 patients per year, exceeding 690 patients through August 1, 2015. With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, patient numbers initially dropped but have increased to 560 in 2017 and held steady through 2018. In 2019, the Center increased services to include primary care, mental health, and behavioral health.


To leverage resources between non-profit groups to create a community hub that increases awareness and access to a full spectrum of services to promote “whole person” wellness in order to create a thriving, connected community; with deep roots and opportunities for upward mobility, that is grounded in compassion, dignity, self-responsibility and respect for diversity


  • Compassion – We will serve in an impartial manner with empathy and sincere concern for all.

  • Accountability – We will be good stewards of all resources entrusted to the organization by using defined and measurable business standards and practices. 

  • Interprofessional Collaboration – We will work together as a team in partnership with various healthcare professionals to effectively respond to the needs of our patients. 

  • Collaboration – We will work together as a team with various community partners to effectively respond to the needs of our patients and the community.

  • Integrity – We will be truthful and ethical in all we do and to all we serve.

  • Diversity – We respect the inherent differences of all and are committed to providing unbiased services. 

  • Education – We will assist to help ensure the next generation of healthcare workers has real-world, hands on experience.

We rise by lifting others.
— Robert Ingersoll