ways to donate

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General operating funds

Not as exciting but one of the most needed funds are general operating funds. These funds help pay for staff, supplies, utilities, etc. Without sufficient funds for operational expenses, we have to cut staff, services, and/or hours. Make the most of your gift and donate here.

Programs and services

The Center adds programs and services to better align with the needs of the community. We are currently adding more appointments for primary care, mental health, behavioral health, and women’s health to compliment our current chronic disease management services. Additionally, we have cardiologist and nephrologists on site. To help support these programs and services please donate here.

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building and equipment maintenance

We operate out of a building that is over 100 years old. You can certainly imagine the costs to upkeep the building. We also rely on specialty medical equipment to provide services to our patients. Please consider making a donation here to help offset those costs.

corporate giving

Being a 501c3, we welcome donations from corporations and other organization looking to support non-profits. If you would like your organization’s funds to go directly to help the under served population, please click here to donate or here to have a representative contact you regarding a donation.